Wondrous Society

By Irene, Age 11

My name is Irene, age 11, and I feel like I am connected to the series, Wondrous Society by Jessica Townsend. Even though it is a fiction book, I feel connected to the main character, Morrigan Crow. Morrigan is a girl with strange powers and her parents, father and step-mother, never saw her as a normal person. They were all too busy worrying about her twin brothers that weren’t even born yet. But, when she “died”, she was brought to a place where people respect her, though it took some work. Although I don’t have step-parents, siblings, and didn’t “die”, I can relate to Morrigan’s feelings about not being cared about at home. The special place I was brought to was school. I was finally seen at school for the first time, and I feel like I can be whatever I want, and that is my special power. I am lucky enough to be seen along with everybody in my class, in my grade, in my school. Everyone is kind and welcoming, and I like to think that my parents will be like my friends and my teachers one day. This was the book that made me feel seen.

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