By Ilia, Age 11

My name is Ilia and the book that made me feel finally seen was called Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This book made me feel finally seen in many ways. First of all, I related to the main character Auggie Pullman because he had people underestimate him throughout his time at public school just because he had a disfigurement. Although I do not have a disfigurement, I also had people underestimate me for a long time at my schools, hurting my self confidence. Another way I related to this book is that Via, Auggie’s sister, always had to let Auggie’s needs come first. For me, my older sister always seemed to get treated better than me. Once I saw the world from Via’s point of view, I started to see everything clearly. To me, now I see that it is important that we embrace everyone for their hearts and not for their looks or sounds. This book was a life lesson to me and many others that read it. This book made me feel like I could relate to fictional characters and not just real ones. This felt like something new and unique! This book made me feel finally seen.

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