Wings of Fire

By Milo, Age 10

One book where I felt I connected with the character was in Wings of Fire: Book Six Moon Rising. The reason I felt that I connected with the character who’s name was Moon, was because she was a special dragon. She had powers that rarely any other dragon had in thousands of years. I connected with her because it is like how I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and maybe, possibly, I may be the only one who has ADHD in the whole class.

Then, at the end of the book, she ends up revealing her secret powers. I have also recently revealed that I have been diagnosed with ADHD, and I have also been keeping it a secret, too.

In the book, Moon held it a secret because she was afraid the others would not want to be her friend, or think badly of her. I held the fact that I had ADHD a secret because I thought people may have thought that I was extra different and would also think differently of me.

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