Wings of Fire

By Anna, Age 10

The day the dragonets hatched was the day it started. The day those dragonets hatched was our hope. Our day to save the world. This is about destiny, war, friendship, and teamwork. They trained and trained until they couldn’t move. They are our hope to save the world, so they must train till the day they are destined to go. But one night they escaped and flew till they dropped, but they are not giving up. They would save the day so they got to work building a base and they started to train everyday until they dropped. And they will help the world. They are the dragonets of destiny and after they save the earth and stop the war they will make peace with the world and save everybody who is hurt, and I feel like it makes me finally seen as if I’m trying to save the world and people are helping like my friends. They help me in tough times and try to heal my broken heart when I’m down and that’s how the dragonets feel when they see their caretaker almost die because he sacrificed himself to save the dragonets from getting killed.

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