When Zoom School Started

By Anna, Age 9

I remember when school shut down I thought that everything would be okay. As we know now, that is not the case. When we first went to virtual school, I sort of liked it. I could be anywhere and all I had to do was get on my chromebook and get on zoom. 

By the end of the year though I was so happy to stop doing virtual schooling. It was finally summer! Summer was super fun while it lasted. Even at one point during summer, you didn’t have to wear masks everywhere!

Though when third grade started, we still had to do virtual school. Then, by the middle of Fall I got the good news from my parents that I would be going back to school in a few weeks. That never happened, because my parents thought that it would be too dangerous.

This year though I finally have been able to go back to school. While it is still not as fun because of the masks and desk shields, I have hope that school will be better and will be closer to normal!