Whatever After

By Carra, Age 10

For me, finally seen means that someone understands your point of view and for me that book is  Whatever After.

In Whatever After, it’s about a girl and her brother that live in a house with an old mirror. About 3 months after they moved in, they heard a noise coming from the basement. After the investigation, her little brother was sucked into the mirror. In seconds she was too, and they were put in different fairytale stories every time they went down in the basement. I can relate because we have a creepy old mirror that’s dusty and nailed to the wall in our basement. You can’t see it very clearly because it’s covered with plywood.
Another relation is the main character and I both have younger brothers. Sometimes they can be nice and sweet but the next thing you know they are double crossing you and telling your mom.
Those are some relations that I have with Whatever After and there are more, but I can’t fit all them with a limit of 200 words. In other words, thank you Kelly for letting me type this writing of my Finally Seen.

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