What I learned from a missing tooth

By Lorina, age 11

It all started in grade 4, the most chaotic year of my life. I was innocently playing a game with my friend, it consisted of a person closing their eyes and the friend with them had to lead them somewhere and the person with their eyes closed had to guess where they were. I was the person with my eyes closed and my friend led me to a wall. I wasn’t aware of where I was so I moved my head a little which resulted in me breaking my adult front tooth in half. when it happened I didn’t really think anything of it because it was a light hit, I didn’t feel any pain. Once I felt something in my mouth I started to panic, I had gone to the office and I saw them putting my tooth in milk, then I was brought to a dentist for help. When it first happened I didn’t like how I was different from everybody else.

Now I’ve learned to accept differences.

Now I’ve learned to accept differences. I see it as a unique quality and an interesting story to tell.