We’ll be ok

By Loana, age 11

It all started when my mom got a headache. “Be careful, I don’t feel well and I don’t want to get you sick!” my mom shouted.

Next day mom locked herself in my brother’s room while he came over in my room for the night but the worst thing happened “I don’t feel good” my brother shouted. My dad went to check on my brother. I was downstairs in the living room talking to my grandma “buni what if mom has omicron” I said. “I don’t know, it’s not safe” grandma responded when my dad came down the stairs. He had a worried look and said I had to move into his room while my brother and mom got tested. At this time my mom and brother were all fully vaccinated and it was uncommon to get covid, later that day they had our results back and my mom came back positive. You might ask about my brother, well he got omicron TOO! I was really scared. I thought I also got it but that was not the case. My brother was stuck in my room and I was stuck in my dad’s room. We’ll be ok.

We’ll be ok.