Virtual schooling

By Aislyn, Age

I was 8 years old when all of this craziness broke loose. Now at 10 years old, I wonder
what life would be like without the pandemic. The thing that affected me most was having to do
school on Zoom. It was hard. I would get confused, bored, and sometimes really tired or dizzy
from looking at the screen. It was very hard. I know this was a struggle for many children
worldwide. At first they just emailed us work. Being in second grade, that was a struggle.
Eventually in third grade, I got to do school on Zoom. Many kids transferred to avoid virtual
school. One of the things I loved most about virtual school is I could have a nice long nap with
my camera off. But I didn’t do it that much because I loved learning. It was hard having to stare at
the screen the whole day. I was very glad when we were back at school in person. I was glad
when we were back at school all day. . . so that’s why it is so hard to go virtual.