Virtual School Isn’t So Bad

By Samantha, Age 10

One day after school, when I was in second grade, my Mom told me a news report talking about the new virus “covid-19.” My family and I didn’t think it was too concerning because it was only spreading in China. But a few months later, me, my family and everyone who thought covid 19 wasn’t a big deal were wrong. Before we knew it, covid-19 was spreading everywhere and it was a terrible virus! Then in the middle of second grade, our principal Mrs. Papersanos said that our school was going to be virtual! I was nervous. I had no idea what virtual school would be like. I started to wonder how I would see everyone? How would II be able to talk to everyone? But at the same time, I was excited to see everyone through a computer. I have never been in a google meet since covid started! Then a whole year passed by and thankfully my family and I did not get covid. Then in 2022, my little brother and I felt sick. Then we took a covid test…and we were positive! But we fully recovered.