By Lainey, Age 11

At first I wasn’t sure what book I wanted to write about, since quite honestly, I feel seen in a lot of books. My original idea was to write about Insignificant events in the life of a cactus by Dusti Bowling. I love this book because it’s set in Arizona. Arizona is my favorite state, and I don’t see many books written about it. Almost all of Dusti Bowling’s books take place in Arizona. But then I thought about it more, and I decided that I should focus more on my personality traits, and less on where I used to live. So I chose to write about the Vanderbeekers Series by Karina Yan Glaser. The whole reason I feel seen in this series is because of one character, Hyacinth Vanderbeeker. Hyacinth is shy, creative, kind and loving, and even though there is a character in the book who shares my name, Laney Vanderbeeker, I feel more connected with Hyacinth. Hyacinth and I share many of the same personality traits, and I can see myself in several of the situations she gets herself into. So that is why I feel finally seen in the Vanderbeekers series, all because of Hyacinth.

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