Ups and downs

By Jack, age 9

It all started when I left school and they said see you in 6 weeks. I believed them.

They said see you in 6 weeks. I believed them.

5 weeks later, I was watching the news it said school closed for the rest of the year. I had hoped we would go back to school. I was sad. The first day out of quarantine was when I went to baseball practice, that was about 3 months later! When I got there, I was not doing my best but then I crushed a ball, and I got a double. 2 weeks later it was summer, I was so happy. That summer I had a baseball tournament, it was so fun. We got second place, falling 8-10 in the championship game. Once I went back to school in 2021 my dog started to miss me and my sister because she was so used to us being at home, she would always bark when we got back from school. Right now, I am typing in my classroom hoping Covid-19 will go away very soon!

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