Up and Down and All Around

By Yahya, age 10

The day was March 11, 2020. I had forgotten my water bottle at school. “Clumsy me,” I thought. “You’re not going to school tomorrow due to the new coronavirus,” stated my mom. What was this coronavirus? Little did I know, 2 days later, on March 13, 2020, everything changed. “School has shut down now,” my dad said. I was shocked. How could my school shut down? Would my education be ruined? On March 31st, we began our assignments on Google Classroom and sometimes did fun Zooms. 

Every day was different in the spring of 2020.

Every day was different in the spring of 2020. We used to go to India every year to see our family. But that year, we didn’t! It was very lonely. We didn’t visit anyone, nor were we visited by. My grandmother contracted COVID, we were extremely worried for her as she was in India and we were here in the US. Thankfully, she was healed. My sister went to preschool one year late as it was difficult for her to do Distance Learning. No matter the problems, hope always shone its light on us.