Two kittens can make a difference

By Lucia, age 11

Love is a universal language that cultures, religions, and even different species can understand. My story began during the height of the pandemic when my cousin, who volunteers at an animal shelter, told me that there are a great number of abandoned cats that need foster homes. I felt bad for all those lonely cats, and at that point, I decided to make a difference. I asked my cousin for some advice on how to become a foster “cat parent”. After a bit of research, I was ready to take some kittens into my care. From there, my fostering journey began! I named the two kittens Percy and George to give them an identity. Every morning I fed them, and spent time with them. I was able to see them grow into independent kittens and get them ready for their “furever” homes. I was able to help two kittens have a better chance to survive and become adopted. 

A little bit of much needed love goes a long way!

A little bit of much needed love goes a long way! I learned so much about how important love is through this experience and I had so much joy watching them grow.