By Nyla, Age 12

One book I relate to most would be the book Twins, a book by Varian Johnson and Shannon Wright. A character in the book I relate to is Maureen. The book is about her and her twin sister Francine and how they used to do everything together until 6th grade started. I can relate to this because everybody changes in some shape or form or etc., during the summer. When I started 6th grade, I was super nervous because I didn’t know if my old friends still wanted to be friends with me after not seeing them or them seeing me for a few months, but I’m glad that I’m becoming more mature and made some new friends and still hang out with my old ones. In the middle of the book, Francine finds some friends, while Maureen is all alone. I can relate to this because on my first day of 6th grade, everybody was already talking and making friend groups before the day even started. I felt like an outcast till I found one of my good friends and started a conversation, even though I was super nervous on the first day of school.

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