By Hannah, Age 11

Are you always blending in and never being seen for who you truly are? Well, I feel that way a lot, but there’s a book that I can relate to. The book that makes me feel seen is Twins by Varian Johnson.
One reason I can feel seen when I read the book Twins is because the book is about two twin sisters doing almost everything together and Maureen (one of the twins) wants to do everything with her sister and not wanting to lose her. But, Francine (the other twin) wants to be able to do her own thing and not twin with her sister all the time. I relate to this because I have a sister and when we were younger, my mom would make us match all the time. If I wore pink, she wore pink. If I ate chicken, she would eat chicken. If I got my hair done, she would get her hair done. But as we grew older, she realized that we needed to become our own person.

This is why when I read the book “Twins” by Varian Johnson I can feel seen.

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