By: Aarush, age 11

We were just about to start to the airport to pick up our grandparents. On our way there, my mind generated all kinds of thoughts and questions. I felt so much excitement in myself. Right that moment, a message had burst my bubble. They missed the flight. They couldn’t come. It felt like the match I played against my friend. Dribble, Dribble. Shoot. Bounce on the rim. Falls down. Turnover. We went home and I slept in sorrow. The next morning, when I was getting ready for school, my mom told me that I had to attend it through my computer. It was new and I didn’t like it. After class was over, I asked one of my teachers about what was happening and she told me everything. She told me all about a virus called Covid and how it affected everyone. My grandparents didn’t miss the flight. The flight was cancelled! My favorite people weren’t coming. There was a weird way of going to school. I figured I couldn’t do anything about it so I decided to just go through it. I will not let myself turn into a turnover.

I will not let myself turn into a turnover.

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