Tune It Out

By Meira, Age 11

One book that makes me feel seen is Tune It Out by Jammie Summer. In the book, the protagonist, Louise Montgomery, has SPD (sensory processing disorder), and she is really sensitive to loud noises and people (except for her mom) touching her. l can relate to this because l am very sensitive to loud noises, and l get really shy around strangers. This book helped me by showing me that I’m not the only sensitive, shy person who has to deal with other people being too loud or too close. After I read this book, I read a similar book (Roll With it) by the same author and then started reading multiple other similar books, and I was completely fascinated by how many other people can have similar problems with so many different ways to process their feelings. It made me feel like I had found a missing part of myself. This is why Tune It Out by Jammie Summer makes me finally feel seen.

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