By Grace, Age 12

When covid-19 first hit my town and state, it was March 2020 and I was in fourth grade. Online learning was difficult for my family and me, because there were four of us using the internet at the same time.  It took me forever to finish all the work that I was assigned, because I also had my accelerated classes and half my work was in Spanish.  Luckily, we made it through to summer break. My family and I love being outdoors together and camping, so the summer of 2020 was amazing. We went camping about double the times we did during a regular summer because we were free all the time! It was fun even though it was a little weird. When we did activities we had to wear our masks and the pools were not open because of covid, and we did not go camping with anyone. We hoped it would be back to normal at campgrounds soon. Luckily, the next year when we went it was pretty normal; the pool was back open, you did not have to wear your masks for activities, and we got to go with people. We made it through!!