Time to explore

By Kayleigh, age 12

When we were put under a very strict pandemic during March 2020, many people weren’t allowed to go outside unless they had to do essential activities like grocery shopping. This trapped us inside our homes. However, a good thing that happened is it gave me more free time. Since we couldn’t go out and had online classes, it lessened the travel time. With all this new free time, I could join new classes that I probably wouldn’t have joined if there wasn’t a pandemic. 

It gave me the opportunity to explore new territory.

It gave me the opportunity to explore new territory. I was able to join orchestra classes and art classes during the pandemic. The orchestra class helped me with music in general. For example, I started to sight-read way more fluently and met more musicians! Art class was able to change my way of drawing. I feel that I can draw with more confidence nowadays rather than before. It also improved my drawing techniques and skill. 

With all this extra time, I learned that even if we are currently in a negative situation, we have to think positively and make the most out of it.