Three Keys

By Olivia, Age 11

Has there ever been a time or day or year that you felt “finally seen” in a book? Maybe you had a relationship or you can relate to it. Below is my story on what book made me feel finally seen.

The book Three Keys by Kelly Yang has a little relationship with me. It’s not what happens in the book, it’s the characters. The character Mia is an only child, then throughout the story she finds a friend and they are friends forever. I am an only child, but I have a really good friend that I met in first grade. Lupe, Mia’s BFF are friends for the whole book and more. This book makes me finally seen because Mia started off not having any friends and that was me in kindergarten. Also the feelings in this book are amazing and I can relate to them. The book has a lot of hope and good and bad emotions. I can relate to that back in kindergarten and first grade! I can relate to this book by when the character gets a friend. This book makes me “finally seen.”

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