Three Keys

By Sejal, Age 10

The book that makes me feel like I am finally seen is “Three Keys” by Kelly Yang, because she mentions that Lupe is an “illegal immigrant” because she does not have a green card. I am not an illegal immigrant, because I am a citizen here in America, but my grandparents on both sides came from India. In the story, Kelly Yang shows that everyone is unique, from the Torgia people in Indonesia, to those who come from all parts of the world to move to America for a better life. Kelly Yang expresses all the different cultures around the world, making them feel welcome in America. I am finally seen because of my culture. I am finally seen because Kelly Yang’s stories send different, important messages that all kids should be able to read about. One key message is that you can’t judge someone from the way they look. This book makes me feel that I am finally seen most of all, because now, once people read all of Kelly Yang’s books, they think twice before they can judge me by the way I look.

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