This is going to be epic!

By Nathaniel, age 10

“This is going to be epic!” I said to my dad. We were going to my friend Eliot’s house for the first time since the start of the pandemic! The drive only takes a couple of minutes, so in what seemed like no time at all, me and my dad were there. 

“Hey, Nathaniel!” My friend shouted. I waved. I excitedly opened the car door and rushed to greet my friend. 

“Goodbye, Nathaniel!” my dad called. 

“Bye, dad!” I yelled back. 

. . .

Soon enough, I was in Eliot’s house. It felt it’d been a gazillion years since I’d been here.

“Wanna play some Minecraft together?” Eliot asked. I nodded. I’d brought my iPad, so we could play together in the same world.

“Let’s play!” I said.

“Yeah!” Eliot responded. Once we were in Minecraft, we chose to create a new world to build a new redstone base in. “This is awesome!” I said.

. . .

In a few hours, it was time to go home. Me and Eliot waved goodbye, then I slipped into our car, and then we drove away.

First playdate of the pandemic!

“First playdate of the pandemic!” I said. My dad nodded. I guess the Pandemic wasn’t so bad after all.

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