By Viraat, Age 11

I was finally seen in the book Thirst by Varsha Bajaj. The protagonist is Minni. She is poor. She is an Indian girl living in Mumbai, India. She also has some great friends who are always ready to fight for her. At that time, Minni’s whole family doesn’t have enough water to live because there is a water mafia that is stealing water. Now Minni faces many problems, but fortunately, she finds out who the water mafia is. I can relate to her because I am also an Indian and I also had some problems. I also have some great friends who are ready to support me. The things Minni described in the story, like the Blue Drum Tea Stall, Lord Hanuman, and Indian names, made it feel like home. I thank Varsha Bajaj for writing this book. She is a great writer.

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