The Whole Story of Half A Girl

By Anna, Age 12

I can relate to this book because my dad is Jewish and my mom is Christian (even though Sonia’s father is Indian and Sonia’s mother is Jewish in the book). In elementary school, kids were really confused by the fact that I celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas during the holidays. Kids are better about understanding how that works now. I’m also confused with how my parents treat this. Whenever my mom tells people that she celebrates the Jewish holidays too, she speaks as if she’s saying a joke, with her all-too common line: “We just celebrate all the holidays!” It kind of frustrates me, because celebrating holidays means a lot to us. I also think upon the fact that one day, I’m going to have to choose who I want to be, which is kind of how I relate to Sonia in the book. Sonia is a character who shares most of the same thoughts as me and that is why I wrote about her.

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