The Underdogs

By Jase, Age 8

Hi, my name is Jase, and my book for Finally Seen is The Underdogs, Author: Mike Lupica. I have a connection to the underdogs, because this book makes me feel like people finally see my value in sports, especially soccer and basketball. An example from the book is that the main character, Will Tyler, gets underestimated by his teammates, especially Hannah Grayson. This happened only because of Will’s fumble in the championship game against Castle Rock and Ben Clark, the quarterback for that team. Because of Will’s fumble, it caused Castle Rock to get the ball and get the game winning touchdown. That made people doubt him with his football skills. I have a connection with that because sometimes I get wide-opened shots at getting a catch or a touchdown, but I get too cocky and drop the catch since I turn around too fast. Sometimes I get a shot in soccer to tie or win the game, but the goalkeeper blocks it; it hits the crossbar, or a defender comes and slides to get the ball from me. So that means I caused my team a loss. That was all about my finally seen book, The Underdogs. Thank You.

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