The Tree

By Emma, Age 10

COVID has changed my life so much and walking through this has been really hard. If normally growing up is trying to get through a maze with obstacles, growing up through COVID is walking the exact same maze, but with fog. You never know what is right in front of you. I’d spend my time wandering around my room, thinking about all sorts of stuff. Sometimes it makes me worry.

But whenever I look out my window, I can see a tree standing tall and proud. A tree that’s always there. A tree that’s always green. Standing through the wind and the rain; the sun and the snow. 

I don’t know what type of tree it is. Not cedar, pine, or oak. Not willow, fig or black ash. But it still stands there, like the others. This tree is just… different. Unique. Special. 

This tree gave me so many inspirations. And most importantly, it gave me hope. Whenever I look out my window, it tells me to never lose hope no matter what. To be tenacious. To be strong. We will stand through this together, straight and proud, like the tree in my backyard.