The Tiger Rising

By Madeleine, Age 10

The book I relate to is The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. The story follows a boy named Rob whose mother just died. The story is about him coping with the loss of his mother and trying to come to terms with her death fully. (It also doesn’t help that his dad thinks that “boys don’t cry” so Rob can’t even cry about his mother’s death). But one day, he meets a girl named Sistine, and the two find a tiger in the woods. I can relate to this story because Rob is putting his emotions in a suitcase and keeping them there under the pressure of his father. Although I did not have the pressure to keep them compressed, it felt as if crying and showing emotions was wrong and would cause unnecessary problems and more stress, which I did not need, the same as Rob. In the end, Rob and his father both unzip their suitcases and show that they are both upset about Rob’s mother’s death. This concludes the book that made me feel Finally Seen.

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