The Three Little Pigs

By Jude, Age 11

When you see yourself, your life, worries, struggles, hopes, dreams, emotions in a book it’s like someone else out there in the universe finally understands what you’re going through. Well the book I chose is The Three Little Pigs. why? Because each house feels like each time I moved. The first house, the weakest, is straw. I lived there when I was born to about 4 years. Then I moved. The second house is like when I was 4 to 11 and a half years old. It is stronger and it has more people to leave. Finally the 3rd house, the strongest, it should be my final house until I become an adult. I also feel like the first pig who would choose the laziest way out even if it cost my house. So I chose The Three Little Pigs by Dara Goldman that feels the most like me.

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