The Strength of Family

By Ms. Keshava’s 3rd Grade Class

At first, COVID was fun – we had extra time to play outside and school closed.  But then many things in our lives changed at school and home. Some of us even got COVID twice! In a scary time our families gave us hope.

Holidays changed drastically.  Some of us used to celebrate Eid with big gatherings and formal prayers.  After COVID we had informal family prayers.  It was hard, but praying together brought our family closer.    Many of us also used to have big birthdays, but with COVID we Zoomed instead.  Surprisingly more relatives were on Zoom than we’d had in person!  Christmas was also quieter.  Staying home, we realized how much our family meant.  Even if one relative came, we had more quality time together.  

Virtual learning had pros and cons.  We enjoyed new technology and playing online games in class. The school day was shorter with more breaks. But we missed recess and our friends.  It was also hard to pay

We had to work harder but that perseverance paid off.

attention to lessons online. We had to work harder but that perseverance paid off. When we came back in person, learning was easier.  Through it all, we had each other – family at home and school.