The Story of How We Got Our Dog

By Sophie, Age 10

After years and years of begging for a dog, a global pandemic happened. And that got my dad hooked on the idea. He told my mom, and she said, “Maybe this whole dog thing isn’t so bad.” So, they started searching for the perfect dog for first time owners. They found one, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and soon enough, they found a breeder and we were put on the waiting list. After waiting awhile, we were told we were getting a Red Cavalier. Later, we were given a deal, that we would get a 7-month-old Blenheim, sooner than the red one, so we took it. Finally, my dad and brother went to pick her up. They got some info on why the previous owners didn’t want her, and it was because she wasn’t the right color! Sometimes I look back and think what would’ve happened to Nova if they liked her color, I’m sure we would’ve loved another dog just as much. But I think Nova is the perfect dog for us. it all worked out. We got a happy, healthy dog named Nova.