The Slips and Falls

By Katrice, Age 11

During 2020 winter break, the whole family was cooped up inside the house and did not go anywhere since the previous weekend because of how busy my parents were with work. So my dad decided that we would go to one of the falls in Hamilton. Since it was freezing cold during that time, the water was frozen and looked like pure crystal. My mom agreed to go there and we left. It was 30-45 minutes before we arrived there. It was crowded since the falls were famous but we got to a small parking lot and got on the trail. While we were walking, my dad and my sister slipped on the same bridge. No one got hurt but my mom and sister kept on laughing, so we all kept on falling and falling since the path was icy. However, in the end, we got to see the majestic falls despite our slips and falls during the trip.