The shoe fiasco

By Keenya, Age 11

Over quarantine, I was bored with nothing to do. That was the case until my mom handed me those white shoes. She said something like this, “You should decorate these!”

I nodded excitedly.  So I began decorating the shoes. It was really fun! I thought. Two weeks in, I had decorated about ten shoes. I still wanted to do more. Having my own designs was great! Then I did the thing that ruined it all.  I stole my mom’s shoes. I had run out of shoes, but I still wanted more. I was obsessed with it. I was decorating her shoes when BOOM! She comes busting through the door. There she yelled, “You stole my shoes, didn’t you?”

I slowly looked down.  I’d just rather have been anywhere else than the middle of my room on this upsetting, disappointing Monday afternoon. Her furious eyes chilled my blood. My heart. My bones. She grabbed the unfinished shoes and slammed my door shut. After this, I stopped decorating shoes. This actually helped me find a lot more hobbies for myself like drawing and reading. I even connected with my friends through games! Quarantine may have been long, but it was fun.