The One Who Loves You the Most

By Maisie, age 11

Literature has always been my way to feel that others understand anything I’m going through, and one book in particular made me feel finally seen: The One Who Loves You the Most, by Medina. It has wonderfully awkward characters and coming out stories. I am awkward with literally anyone in my age group, and the worst part is I can never control it! And I want to make others feel comfortable with my queerness, but who says I’m always fully comfortable with it either? Medina’s example of that in the book is so well-written.  In my school newspaper last year, I wrote an article about things that a lot of middle schoolers go through, like the stress of popularity, but no one talks about. So many kids connected with it!  That got me wondering why no one even mentions stuff like that. When I read this book, I was overjoyed that the characters weren’t afraid to speak to each other about those emotions. I felt  like the characters understood me. And when I write my own stories one day, I hope that some other tween in 6th grade will feel finally seen.

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