The One and Only Ivan

By Rumaisa, Age 11

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate is absolutely my favorite book because of the way I can connect myself to it. A heartwarming book about love, hope, and friendship, this has truly touched my heart. Ivan is a silverback gorilla who has been kept captive for 27 years! Ivan dealt through pain, loss of family, and hardship. Just like Ivan who has been in a circus, I sometimes feel I’m controlled by others and what they want. I tried to change my personality to make others like me. Just like how Ivan lost his family, I have lost my grandpa who was a big aspect to my life. This story of friendship that unfolds between Ivan, an elephant named Stella, and a stray dog named Bob inspired me to look through the storm, to maintain friendships, and to believe in the impossible. Although Ivan is a gorilla and I am an 11 year old girl, it helps me understand the compassion for animals and promises we make. As I am typing these words through my computer, I can definitely remember what I felt through the book and how it truly made me feel finally seen.

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