The Night I Will Never Forget

By Ryder, Age 9

It was one day before the biggest college football game of the year. Me and my family
were all sick with covid. I had just picked up a new video game (James Bond) so me
and my dad were playing it a lot…like way too much. Then my whole family played some
board games: Pente, Apples to Apples, and Life. Then we went to bed. Then at 2:00, I
woke up and couldn’t breathe! My mom rushed me to the hospital. She even ran red
lights. I spent four hours in the hospital, but the doctors were so good and I was almost
breathing normally. My sister was feeling better but my parents made her stay home for
one day. Then the rest of the day me and my mom just played games. Then the exciting
moment came. The national championship for football, Alabama vs. Georgia and the
game went on…and on…and on. Then Georgia won in the end, woohoo!