The Name Jar

By Shalin, Age 9

I connect to the book The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi because in the book her name kept on getting mispronounced and in real life my name usually gets mispronounced by teachers, adults, and sometimes even my friends. I sometimes feel like there’s at least 3 of my teachers that mispronounce my name a year. In the book, Unhei keeps on getting made fun of because her name is different from everyone else. Although I usually don’t get made fun of because of my name I get pretty annoyed when people do it anyways. There is a page in the book where they’re on the bus and everyone keeps making fun of Unhei’s name. But later in the book, Unhei has this one friend who helps her realize that her name isn’t bad just because it’s different from other people. And I’ve always had 2 friends who never make fun of me and are super kind. That’s why I connect to The Name Jar so much, because it has so many parts that connect to my life experiences. As you can see, this book makes me feel finally seen.

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