The Kitten Peacemaker

By Niko, Age 10

(No thesauruses were harmed during the making of this essay)

This started began around sometime last winter. It was chilly, but barely a flurry could be seen spotted throughout the sky. That day, I had been sitting situated in my room, just as I finished completing my computer  online school. Shortly after, mom came to announce some news. Soon, I’m interested intrigued and eager to know what my mom wanted to say, but a little tiny part of me deep down told sensed that something amazing, something grand, something absolutely out of your mind spectacular was about to happen at this very moment! But what could it be? For a while, my mom sat there completely silent, until… “The pandemic has been hard rough, and I’ve taken into consideration that you deserve to adopt a cat!” my mom had said after a while. “It may take a while to find the right one, but…” My eyes widened, and I bounced out of my seat giving my mom a giant hug. Fast forward to now, and my cat, ‘PK’ has helped me be hopeful about being stuck at home. Almost resembling a kitten peacemaker!