The Good Egg

By Emilio, Age 9

I connect to the book The Good Egg because in this book, the egg always wants to be perfect and puts too much pressure on himself so he starts to crack. I feel seen because I also always put pressure on myself. For example, I always get mad when I don’t get a perfect score on a math test or drop a pass in football. Then at the end of the book he takes some time to relax and slowly his cracks start to heal. Then he realizes it’s ok to not be perfect. I also just calm down, not get mad, and it helps me be better. I always remember that I tried my best and slowly I also realize that it is ok. Then in the book, he returns home and helps everybody now that he doesn’t worry so much and he can relax. I relate to this because in football or baseball my team needs me, and I can do my best when I’m relaxed.

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