The Effect of Covid-19

By Addie, Age 11

When covid-19 hit, we all went into quarantine and had to Zoom. Getting up really early in the morning and getting straight onto Zoom was so annoying and also very boring. We couldn’t see our friends or our family at all. It was hard being in quarantine. I was having a hard time learning and it conflicted with higher grades. Right now in sixth grade, math is a little challenging because I didn’t get taught everything I needed to. While I was in quarantine, I didn’t get much work assigned, but I made sure to get the work done if I needed to. In fourth and fifth grade, I never got homework assignments because we worked on all of them in class. I thought that was great! But now in sixth grade, it gives me anxiety knowing how much homework gets assigned. I’ve gotten better but it’s still new to me. So quarantine basically ruined all my learning and now everything is harder for me.