The Days of Zoom School  

By Giselle, Age 10

The first day of Zoom school was not fun or exciting, it was terrible. I didn’t get to play with my friends and it wasn’t easy to make friends on Zoom either. Also I couldn’t even meet any new people, not even one. I couldn’t whisper to my friends because the whole class could hear me, and that would be so embarrassing for me and my friend. My computer was glitching so much I had to text my teacher, “Sorry I can’t join class, it’s very glitchy.” So I had to leave class and do the assignments. I had no idea what they were about. I had to text my teacher what it was about. Then the next day I got on Zoom. There were no problems getting on like glitching or anything. We had math and I got all the questions right. I was so happy! The day was going so great, and if something went wrong, I would get so mad…but nothing bad happened. I also made a new friend at an online recess. Her name is Carrie.