The Crossover

By Fatou, Age 11

A book that stood out to me was The Crossover by Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile. When I read this book, I finally felt like I was seen by the words, illustrations, and storyline. Reading this book made me relate to things that I’ve never seen in other books. It had all I needed in just a single novel. This novel revolves around the themes of family and friendship. Josh and JB are really close. My older sister and I are really close as well. We do a lot together. When Josh and JB stopped talking to each other, I felt it. My sister sometimes ignores me sometimes just like how JB ignored Josh because of Alexis or “Miss Sweet Tea”. A really big part of the novel is when Mr. Bell or Josh and JB’s dad died. He died at an unexpected time. My grandmother also died at an unexpected time. She was perfectly fine and passed just like Mr. Bell. She was pronounced dead while I was doing virtual during the pandemic. It was also my first day of 3rd grade. Hence, this is why The Crossover was the book that made me feel finally seen.

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