The Birthday Shutdown

By Josephine, Age 11 

Let’s go back to March 10th, 2020. That was my birthday. The big 1-0. Of course, it was a school day, so I had dinner with my family and we went to Disneyland.  On that Friday, we were told we were going home for 3 weeks. I was really stressed. I assumed we could delay my birthday, right? Wrong. I grabbed my heavy backpack, its weight sagged as I walked out of school. I was almost in tears, the thought of leaving all my new friends seemed unbearable. The next day, I got onto the zoom. This was my first time! I eventually figured it out. My parents told me we could celebrate in April. I replied, “I hope we don’t have to celebrate my 10th when I’m 11.” Pretty soon, after battling Covid, I turned 11. Guess we couldn’t delay my birthday. I was isolated for…ever! Still awaiting my party, I found hope. I learned to be flexible. Even without seeing people in person, I still had a great online party with my friends and family. The main thing this experience has taught me is things change, and you have to be okay or you will just be…stuck.