The Airport in Panama

By Felipe, Age 11

As the pandemic emerged from the depths, we all began to panic! Well some of us began to panic while some people didn’t even know it existed in the world. During the pandemic, it was so hard in the beginning. Online school, being separated, and wearing masks was hard on all of us. For me, it was hard because I wanted to visit family. Most of my family is in another country so we couldn’t visit them.
When we managed to visit my family in Brazil, my dad got a false positive test when he tried to return so he had to reschedule his flight. On the flight from São Paulo to Panama, the food was good. However, in Panama, there weren’t many food options and the food on the plane wasn’t that good either. The good thing is that we didn’t have to stay too long in Panama. While my dad was in Brazil, I missed him and called him every day. When he was coming back, he had to stay 12 hours in Panama. It was not that bad because he slept most of the time, but the food he ate made him a bit sick so it was worse for him.
I wonder if covid vaccines will continue much longer and if covid will still be a big issue in society.