Tearful birthday

By Saanvi, age 7

A deadly virus slowly reached all around the world. Many countries decided to go into lockdown.

In 2020, my first lockdown birthday was really fun. My family celebrated it so well.

My parents decorated the home with Diwali lights.

My parents decorated the home with Diwali lights and whatever old decoration stuff was there at home. My mother baked a yummy cake and cooked all my favorite food.

In 2021, again my birthday came during the lockdown. This time there was no fun. My family was unwell because of this virus. My grandfather was seriously ill, and my family was struggling to keep everyone safe and find a hospital for admission. On my 2nd birthday morning, my mother wished me “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and said, “We will celebrate once your grandfather is fine.”  My parents ordered my favorite pizza from Dominos.

The birthday passed, the situation got worse and a day after my birthday, my grandfather passed away. Our life was turned upside down. I loved him a lot and still do.

Now in 2022, my 3rd birthday in a pandemic is about to come and I pray to keep all of us and everyone in the world safe and blessed.