By Jesse, Age 10

Ah yes, a “normal” day at swimming, right? Nope. Two of the coaches got COVID, but somehow
the club didn’t go into lockdown. They still gave out food. We had planned to go to White Rock
for a swim competition, but it was cancelled because of COVID. I was really sad because I
wanted to go race. Some of the swimmers even quit because of COVID. Some had to quarantine
for 10 days. My mom didn’t want me to quit or stay home even though two coaches got COVID.
You might be thinking, “Is my mom crazy?” No, because some of the other coaches in the
sophomore group told her to let me keep going. I was like, “What? That’s insane!” But I kept
going and wore my mask everywhere I went except in the pool. Right after swimming I would
just throw on my clothes and mask and get out of there. It’s all fine now because the coaches
got cured and it’s now almost normal again.