Swim Team

By Blake, Age 10

Everyone has fears. And maybe not everyone has fears of water or is scared of swimming, but everyone is scared of something. I relate to the book Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas because I am scared of breaking my arm again in gymnastics. Just like how the main character in Swim Team, Bree is scared to go into the water. In the book Swim Team, Bree switched schools and is excited to start a math elective, “Math Puzzles” until she’s told it’s full. She is stuck in Swim 101, and Bree is afraid of swimming and water. In April 2022, I broke my arm in gymnastics and ever since, I had a fear of breaking it again, but as time went on, I got more comfortable. It taught me even more and reminded me to persevere and never give up. I chose to stay back and got really discouraged, but I worked hard to move back up to the level I was supposed to be at, and I did it! I am proud of myself and I am working hard to gain back the skills I lost. Overall, never give up.

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