By Sienna, Age 9

It was just like any other Sunday when my dad turned the TV on. He clicked the YouTube button then scrolled down to “Meet the Press.” As expected, my little brother asked if we could watch something else. Dad said, “No.” Still, we paid attention while the news presenter talked a little. Then he said, “There is a virus spreading. You are not going to like what you hear, but we are going to have to quarantine.” For a while, I didn’t think Covid would be a part of my life, but that was about to change. One day, we were coming home from our grandma’s house when she got a text from our parents. “We’re home, mom just tested positive.”  Grandma read it out loud, her voice trembling. Once I heard, my heart pounded out of my chest. I froze, my little brother was crying. When we got home, Mom couldn’t come out of her room. I was so scared, all the people on TV get really sick after they have Covid. I felt like I couldn’t survive without her. That night I stayed up really late. It was the scariest moment of my life.