Summer camp

By Luke, Age 12

In the beginning we had no clue how long the pandemic would be, maybe a month? Then three months passed. Maybe a year? And here we are two years into the pandemic. It’s been a hard ride. Zoom call after Zoom call. The longest two years of my life have been from the pandemic. The first year, we couldn’t even do summer camps. Then the next year, there were summer camps but you had to race to get a spot in them. There were less than normal spots and everyone wanted to get out of the house, so everyone tried to get in. That summer, I got to go to sleep away camp in Yellowstone. It was my first time at a sleep away camp so I was a bit nervous. But everything turned out fine. The thing was we did not have any access to the news, so once the camp was over, I figured out about the delta virus that had already been around for a week. The shortest times felt the longest, three months ago felt like it was 17. It was the craziest two years of my life.