Staying inside

By Fawzia, Age 10

My pandemic was very uneventful and I mostly did nothing. I was very bored because there wasn’t really much to do at home. I sat around all day on my computer or my sister’s laptop. I didn’t really enjoy the pandemic, (well, no one enjoyed quarantine either) since I was just very unproductive. I’ve never wanted to go outside so badly in my life. And when I finally went out in 2021, it felt like forever.

 It was a day like any other. What was on the schedule? Nothing. What to do? Nothing. Anything fun, maybe like a board game? No. I just sat around, and I honestly would’ve rather watched the grass grow. I just couldn’t do anything other than sit around and imagine when I could finally  step foot out of my apartment. I was still waiting for everything to go back to normal.

I expected things to go back to normal again. Still, almost nothing has changed. The only thing that’s changed is that now there are like a billion different versions of COVID-19. It’s been close to 3 years! Everything’s only gotten worse. I also thought it wouldn’t be that serious. I never knew we would get to this point.

Remote learning was kind of hard for me. Usually, I would forget  when I was supposed to join meets and Zoom classes because I lost track of time. There was also a lot of homework. Probably because we didn’t do classwork at home so it seemed like a lot of work. I didn’t know. But I didn’t enjoy that at all. My pandemic wasn’t very hectic, but I still had some fun.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard about COVID-19. So when I figured out that we couldn’t go to school anymore, I was pretty sad. I liked school more than anything else. Soon, I got used to remote learning, but I still didn’t like it as much as in-person learning.  COVID-19 spread more and soon I started to lose hope. But now, in 2022, there are vaccinations and I’m starting to think that it might get better someday.